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      I have come to ask you to forgive me, Esmeralda, he said, to tell you that I love you, have loved you from the beginning. But do not be afraid. I know how easy it is to[344] kill love; that though you may have loved me, my cruelty to you may have slain that love outright.He patted her on the back encouragingly and ran back to the coach, and, of course, she followed him, although at a little distance.

      Quitequite! said the duke, cheerfully. I am not quite so strong as I used to be, but one must not be surprised at that. Come and sit here. He motioned to a seat beside him, and Trafford sat down, and put his hand on the arm of the dukes chair. The old man laid his own hand upon his sons strong one, and patted it. I am glad you and Selvaine have come down, Trafford; indeed, I was on the point of asking Lilias to write, and ask you to do so; for I wanted to talk to you on a matter of business.

      Thats all right, she said in her calm way.I want another towel to soak in water for his head, said Mother Melinda, presently. Run down to the hut, Ralda, dear, and get it, will you?

      He spoke as if the peril were his ownand, indeed, it may be safely asserted that not a member of the ducal house could have felt its downfall more acutely than the faithful steward.


      Whats to be done? asked Bill, as the person chiefly responsible for the embarrassing situation.



      Varley looked at him in silence for so long that it almost seemed as if he had forgotten him, then he said, with a sternness that sounded strange coming from him:A deep anxiety sat upon Three Star. Men went about with grave faces and preoccupied manner, and the gayety of the Eldorado saloon was crushed out by the weight of suspense. Men spoke in hushed voices, the tinkling piano was silent. No one had even the heart to fight. Varley and Norman and several of the miners rode frequently to the hut to make inquiries, and hung around on tiptoe, and with suppressed voices. Presents innumerable were sent from the camp; everything that Esmeralda could be supposed to fancythe most grotesque articlesarrived as tokens of Three Stars love.